Themes of the second trimester

Things change when your belly gets large enough to be recognized as a baby container and not, say, where you store all the extra cookies you shouldn't have had. I am desperately trying to not be The Pregnant Woman every moment of every day, but much as the wedding consumed most of my time and brain space last summer, the baby (or the EVENT of having a baby) is the latest of brain-takeovers.

Kinda like a zombie.

I find myself much more protective of my time (time with Chris, too). Not only do I have a to-do list 14 miles long but I also have a decent chunk of energy to spend on "Carpe Diem! Live well til October 11!" (Admission: some of that carpe diem energy is spent on re-watching back-to-back episodes of Lost or going to bed early or reading books for hours at a stretch. I'm luxuriating in doing what I want, knowing that very soon I will not have this option.)

Oddly, this pregnancy is sparsely documented on this blog. That's probably because I put much of the chatter into Dear Tiny and a private Facebook group for family and friends. But there's a bunch of information that I have in my brain that I think could be really helpful to some of you out there... you may be pregnant OR you may be contemplating getting pregnant OR you may be sitting next to someone having a nervous breakdown because they are overwhelmed with being pregnant. Regardless, here's some of the stuff that has had me consumed during the second trimester. Consider it a helpful list of things to skim; some of this may be more or less important depending on who and how you are!

1. Classes
I bet you thought your schooling days were over! Ha. (Actually, I'm positive that you could get away without taking any of these...)

Nonetheless, here's what we're registered for... in case you're as education-friendly as we are. Some of these are one-time dealios, some are weekly over a month or more:

  • Childbirth classes
  • Hypnobirthing classes
  • Newborn class
  • Breastfeeding class
  • Intro to the Birthing Center 

2. Legal and financial questions to figure out
  • How does our baby get health insurance?
  • Do we need life insurance? How does this work?
  • How do we make a will? Is this where we include info about guardianship of the baby in case we both die?
  • What should we do about a college savings plan? 

3. Things to work out when prepping for labor
  • Are we circumcising our son? Do we need to do anything special to prepare for that?
  • Birth plan
  • Are we banking cord blood? 
  • Labor playlist
  • Be familiar with epidural and Cesarean sections in case we need to consider them

4. Acquiring stuff
So there's an endless amount of crap people will try to sell you for a baby. Here are some of the things that I've been on the lookout for, either because they were highly recommended by close friends or because I researched and value them:
  • Nursing pillow (Brest friend, Boppy)
  • Baby seats/swings (any bouncer, Bumbo seat, Mamadoo swing)
  • Cloth diapers (G diapers, BumGenius, Bummis)
  • Crib (we chose the Graco Lauren from Target)
  • Glider (Dutallier)
  • Carseat (I think we're going to get a Graco 35)
  • Carriers (Moby, Ergo)
  • Sleeping help! (Sleep Sheep... this thing is CUTE. Hopefully also effective!)
  • Stroller (I think we're going with a Citi Mini once he's a little older; for the first few months, the Snap-n-Go with a carseat should be fine)

5. Reading books
I'll write more extensive reviews in the next book review post but for now here's the list of books that I have either fully read or have found value reading parts of:
If you've made it this far, then you're probably not a male. Sorry, dude readership! This post is probably not what 97% of people come here for. But I can definitely say that this is a much-needed post for the 3% of people out there who are pregnant and not telling people yet OR pregnant and just feeling a little lost. I just wrote what I had been looking for all along.

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Tara Bradway said...

I know next to nothing about any of this, but a friend of mine has a page on her blog about donating cord blood. Here is the link in case you are interested in reading her story. Best of luck in your second trimester! Hope you are feeling well and wonderful!