Wedding week: Fin.

Well! This has been fun. And overwhelming. As many times as I told myself "you TOLD people you were going to do this," I had moments when I thought "EEK! There are too many photos of myself on this post. What will others think?"

This afternoon I booked a 3-day getaway for our 1 year anniversary. We're less than two months away from UNO ANO as married people. That is pretty unbelievable and yet, totally believable. There is not much else that we could have changed about our lives in the past 10 months, other than leaving NYC. And even though you think you know all of the changes, there are still more coming that I haven't shared yet. (In due time, in due time...)

Nonetheless, sharing these photos and experiences at some distance has been really awesome. "Hey, I look pretty good in some of these!" I thought to myself upon posting and then realized that however bloated I feel at present, I can get myself back to fighting shape post-baby-having.

To end I just wanted to throw some reception pix in that didn't fit in any other blog post. I'll dump them all eventually on Flickr too, but for now here are some that are guaranteed to make you smile.

Have I said it before? We are very, very lucky. And we know it.

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