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Cool Uncle Steve with me and Tiny.
My brother is musical. He started taking guitar lessons when he was a kid and I think we all thought it was a phase. (Well, at least I did. Neither me nor my sister were cool enough to play something like the guitar... and I mistakenly assumed Steve would follow in our orchestra geekery.)

As it turns out, NOT A PHASE. Not only did he stay with it long enough to get calluses on his fingers, but he also wrote some songs. Then he graduated college, moved to DC, grew a beard and collected band members. They're called Orchard Wall and they're good. (I'm not just saying that.)

If you live in New York City, you have TWO opportunities to see these guys on tour this week:

  • Opportunity numero uno: Tonight at Pete's Candy Store in Williamsburg. They go on at 9:30pm. 
  • Opportunity numero dos: Saturday night at Desmond's Tavern on the East side. They go on around 8pm. 

Not in NYC? Don't worry about it. They just released an EP last weekend which you can purchase for $5 here. (International folks, this is perfect for you!)

So, yeah. This is what happens when your kid brother achieves a thousand times the coolness factor that you do. We're hosting a few members of the band in our apartment tonight and I feel like Kate Hudson is going to show up in an enormous fur coat.

So come on out! If you come tonight, you can meet my Dad, who has not stayed awake past 9:45pm in a thousand years. That in itself is worth seeing, friends.

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