Make a beautiful corner.

You will want to start with a beautiful garden or foyer or concert hall, but restrain yourself. Let the ambition and grandness come later. Instead, focus on a tiny space like a corner. A corner doesn't need maintenance or stoking of fires or ongoing support. After all, it's not even a full space, a corner.

If you're building software, hold off on the API. If you're starting a blog, a blogspot domain is just fine. Buy one houseplant and prune it, water it, make sure it gets the right amount of sun. Sew a dress without pockets, bake a cake without icing, take a bike ride in a neighborhood where you won't need a map to get home.


Lately I've been having conversations with people that all seem to come to the same point. "You will find that your world shrinks to your family unit and what you need to do for them," someone said this weekend. "You just won't have time to worry about some of these huge problems, like politics," another person told me.

At first I resisted. I wanted the baby to ADD to my life, not REPLACE things. But then I realized... you can only add so much before all of it is ugly. Before you feel like a shitty friend and a shitty book reader and a horrific American and a bad birthday-gifter. The more you pile on, the harder it is to quality control.

So while it's not my nature to do so, I feel myself receding into a quieter place. A corner. A little corner of my life that I can focus on making beautiful. And on my own time and at my own pace, I can add things back in that feel as though they are worthy of being there.


Keep it simple and small and manageable enough so that beauty and authenticity are the only features your corner has. There will be time and energy later for bigness and huge, skyward dreams. But in the beginning especially, you won't know how to keep anything larger beautiful. That's alright. Small can be beautiful too.

A corner is enough.

A corner is enough.

A corner is enough.


Leslie said...

Lovely and perfect. I totally found my corner too, with each of my kids. I think I might have sat on the couch for six weeks with my second, for real, and I loved every minute of it. Cherish the moments, small and beautiful. They disappear so quickly. But the world will always be there, YOU will still be there. And you will be added to. You will be better and sweeter and wiser. And maybe fatter. I am. And that's ok too. xoxo

Jen said...

Thank you, Leslie. :) xox