10 days in... some tangible advice.

Our first walk with the baby carrier. Awe.Some!
Noah is 10 days old today and we learned that he's gained 5 oz at our doctor's appointment this morning. This reassurance allows me to spend a tiny percentage of my brain to even contemplate writing a blog post.

Here's a list of things that have made the past 10 days bearable:

  • Origins Exfoliating Scrub- I fell in love with this scrub years ago but never consistently used it. I just bought a new tube a few weeks back and I'm so glad I did. I use this face scrub every other morning in the shower, which helps me feel like I don't look like the walking dead. Hooray for fresh faces!
  • Small, easily-eatable things- Yogurt. Granola bars. Cheese sticks. Bananas. Have these things on hand so that you can eat them with one hand. Every night I bring a banana and granola bar to our bedroom; when I inevitably find myself starving at 2am, I don't have far to travel for a snack.
  • Short reads on my Kindle (or torn-out articles from magazines)- I sent a bunch of interviews from the Paris Review archives to my Kindle and I went through all of my New Yorker mags and ripped out the articles that sounded interesting to me. While I can't invest my brain in a long novel at the moment, I can read these shorter pieces while nursing or in-between naps. Reading ANYTHING makes me feel more like myself.
  • Water bottle with a straw- On our first night at home, I had a Nalgene-type water bottle set up next to our bed; I left it open so I could easily drink throughout the night. The first time Noah woke up, I dumped the ENTIRE thing under the bed. Sigh. My mom brought me a reusable water bottle with a straw. Hooray.
  • Grovia reusable wipes- I got these to use with cloth diapers eventually, but we've been making lots of use of them even now using newborn disposables. Noah spits up? Grab a wipe. Noah threatens to pee on you while changing him? Cover him with a wipe. Noah causes you to have milk dripping down your stomach? Wipe. Then throw them all in the wash and you're good to start over again. 
  • Yoga pants and nursing sleep bras- Yoga pants are a no-brainer. There's no way you want to wear jeans for a little while. And these nursing sleep bras look enough like tank tops that you can wear them when your family comes to visit and not feel awkward. 
  • Baby Connect App- No joke, we LIVE on this thing. I can basically remember one number at a time right now... when the nurses in the hospital asked us how long Noah had fed for? And when was it? And what was the breakdown with left vs. right boob? I had no idea what to tell them. When the pediatrician asked how many pee diapers he had per day, when the lactation consultant asked what the poop looked like, when I need to keep track of the next time he needs to eat... this app does it all. It's $4.99 but SO worth it. 
  • A new sitcom on-hand- We started watching season 1 of Up All Night a few days before Noah was born. It's funny, takes no brainpower and is the perfect length at 22 minutes long. I highly suggest downloading a bunch of episodes of a new show... you might not feel up for watching the presidential debates, but you can watch Will Arnett fumble with a diaper for twenty minutes.
  • Baby carrier- Once things settle down the tiniest bit, watch some YouTube videos to figure out how to put your newborn in your carrier. Then do it! And take a short walk. We walked to Starbucks and the bookstore nearby yesterday afternoon and it was exhilarating... though I'm still not allowed to walk more than 4 blocks a day, this short trip was enough to show us that our freedom is coming back sometime soon!