Life list: Redesign my blog. Check.

Us at Camp Mighty 2011!
I met Lisa Congdon at Camp Mighty last year. She gave a great talk on life and paths and passion and I really liked what she had to say, not to mention the artwork she created. On the plane ride home I wondered aloud to Chris if she might design a blog header for me. I was feeling gutsy, filled with mighty confidence inspired by the weekend - and yet still insecure about it underneath. In the past year alone she'd done work for the Obama campaign, created her own wallpaper, launched her first art shows and done a billion other cool things. Who was to commission Lisa Congdon for my blog header?

Email her, Chris said. Give it a shot.

And so I did. I emailed and then she emailed and then we talked on the phone and then Lisa made this beautiful blog header for me earlier this year. I love it so much; it's a combination of all the things I write about in this space. It's taken me so long to put up here because sometimes that's how wonderful things go. Sometimes you're too intimidated by the prospect of extravagant growth, so you sit on it for a while until you're really ready for it. (Also sometimes you have a baby and you do not have your shit together for many months...)

Well, I'm ready. I'm ready to write under my married name and to display this totally fitting piece of artwork at the head of that writing. Isn't it the best thing ever?! Look at the little stroller! And the two cats! And the Brooklyn bridge! Lisa, you are awesomesauce. 

Also thanks to my lovely husband for making all the technical redirect wizardry happen for the site. Onwards, friends! Here we go.


Unknown said...

Beautiful, cheerful, and fabulous--just like you!

Rebecca said...

Oh, it's wonderful! Great job, Lisa! Now I can think of both of you when I read Jen's blog.