Baby with giraffe.
Gretchen Ruben mentioned something in a recent blog post about how spending one minute cleaning up one area can be so much better than doing nothing. (Read her post here).

Noah is into cluster feeding at the moment, which means that he feeds nearly continuously from about 5pm to 10pm. This makes it really hard for me to do anything more than watch TV in the evenings. When I wake up to change him in the middle of the night and see that the apartment is a WRECK... well, those are the times I am close to breakdown!

Enter the five minute clean. Once he is finally fed enough for us to put him in his sleep sac and stick him in bed, I take five minutes to walk quickly around the apartment and put things in their place. I treat it like a game, like one of those "clean-up" games Preschool teachers play with their students. How much can I tidy in five minutes? What can I throw in the recycling bin or shove in the dishwasher or throw in the laundry bin? I try to put my coat in the closet and move our bags out of the way so I don't trip in the middle of the night. I also take my vitamins and fill up my water cup and fold the blankets so if I end up sleeping on the couch, I won't need to hunt around for something to cover up with.

I don't have time to clean the whole place, but these five minutes are crucial to my survival lately. I know it means five minutes less time in bed (which is where I'm headed right this minute!), but it does wonders for my mental state.

See also: this blog post. Micro! And yet satisfying. I doubt we will get Shakespeare-worthy writing on this here blog anytime soon, so tiny posts it will be!

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