Notes from a cafe. With a baby.

Baby + latte = woo!
I am in a cafe down the street from home. It took about 3 hours of prep to leave the apartment with everything I thought I'd need, including a laptop (me), Kindle (me), change of clothes (baby), sweatshirts (both). I don't know what I thought my plan was once we got here (something vague about writing his birth story), but as soon as I got my latte Noah started crying and I had to take him out of the stroller. Immediately I thought "how fast can I pack up this kid, laptop and latte and get him home?!"

Then I took a couple of breaths and he settled down with a pacifier. And though I am now limited to hunting and pecking out this post with my left hand, we are doing it. We got past the scary moment, we looked discomfort in the face and forged on.


Good god, if this entire experience of parenting so far isn't a battle of spirit! How long can you last in the same routine? How much pain can you handle when your milk ducts clog and your baby can't latch and the pump works great but the last thing you want at 2am is to clean the effing tubing out one more time? How many days in a row can your beliefs about child-rearing be tested before you start to feel real shifts in the way you planned your life going?

It's like I signed up for Algebra and the syllabus turned out to be advanced Calc. We're in an entirely new world here. It's not unwelcome, but it is very unlike what I imagined it would be.


This past weekend kicked off the first of three weekends featuring visiting grandparents. Chris and I got to have a few mini-dates and it was so great. I love hanging out with my husband... we've been a real team so far and it was fun to go out to lunch and focus on each other. We agreed that one of the things we miss most about pre-kid life is time for our own projects, so we're going to try to work that in as things settle a bit. 

Yesterday I bought fabric to make Noah a Christmas stocking. I'm not particularly talented at sewing, but I want him to have a homemade stocking and am oddly excited by the project. It's these opportunities to make our parenting experience meaningful that I love most so far. 

Gratuitous baby shots on the way out...

Dreamboat pose

Modeling cloth diapers!

Out on a walk

Mommy's little pumpkin!

Bahahah. Humiliating. 

P.S. While waiting for these photos to upload, the kid got hungry. So now I am bad-assed-ly nursing him under a nursing cover in public. NERVES! And yet, freedom. We are unchained ftom the glider in the nursery and can leave the house for more than 60 minutes. Victory is ours!