The birth plant.

Silver philodendron.
I don't claim to have a crazy green thumb, but I am a plant person. I especially love plants that have meaning. Towards the end of my pregnancy I started thinking about getting the baby a plant when he was born, something that would grow along with him, something that could start small and take on meaning just by the fact that it was a gift for his birth.

Last night my friend Anne came to visit Noah and we took a walk and left the baby with Chris. We hit up one of my favorite plant stores in the neighborhood, Dig, in search of a birth plant. My requirements were:

  • the plant could support cuttings, which would let me make lots of baby plants from it
  • couldn't be too fussy in terms of light or soil or whatnot
  • something that would grow in length so that you could see its progress
After chatting with the saleswoman, I landed on a silver philodendron. I chose a ceramic pot for the plant to make it feel special and the woman who rang me up wrapped it all up as a gift to Noah. It's on his windowsill now and I'm excited to watch it grow alongside him. I already have plans to make cuttings for some of the new babies that our friends are expecting... this little guy has a bright future ahead of him in terms of generating offspring!

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