Today's deep breath.

I'm sitting at my desk, writing a letter, watching the snow fall outside (hello, apocalypse) while my friend Kelley holds Noah on the couch for an hour. I'm listening to Mumford & Sons on headphones and eating chocolate covered pretzels that Kelley brought over and just this combination of music, writing and chocolate has brought me back to myself for 60 minutes.

Mental note: I need to reach out to friends and family for this kind of help more often.

Last night we re-elected a strong president; we watched the election results come in all evening while I nursed Noah and it was a very different night than the one four years ago when we all got wasted in my Greenpoint apartment. That said, it felt just as hopeful and tear-inducing. More states are embracing gay marriage, the next few Supreme Court nominees will hopefully not try to revoke Roe v. Wade and the people who spoke horrifically about rape were not rewarded with political roles.

Deep breath. Despite the intense weather lately, the future feels bright.

Speaking of intense weather, a friend is organizing donations to the elementary school she attended along the Jersey shore. There are plenty of ways to make meaningful contributions to the victims of hurricane Sandy, but if you're looking for a tangible one, check out Monmouth Beach school's Amazon Wishlist here. Purchases are sent directly to the school so they can get back up and running. 

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