Random acts of kindness.

Last night around 3am when I was feeding Noah and checking my email, I read one that was forwarded by an old friend. She doesn't normally forward things like this, she said, but she was touched enough as a teacher herself that it felt appropriate to send along.

What she sent was this article by Ann Curry about the idea of doing random acts of kindness in honor of the victims of the Newtown shootings last week.

I love this idea, but I specifically love all of the ways people were reporting back about the good they'd done. People put money in parking meters, bought lunch for others, baked cookies for the fire department, took a dog on a walk so that new parents could get some sleep.

I believe in karma and in "what goes around comes around" and the golden rule and all that jazz, which is why it feels particularly good to set some random acts of kindness in motion in the world. This morning Noah and I wrote Christmas cards to the first responders to the shootings. We picked up a sign for the local candy shop that had blown over and went in to let them know that it's pretty windy out there today. We bought a holiday gift for our neighbors and for the children of a friend who lives far away. We tipped at the bagel store and bought the woman behind us at Starbucks her drink.

"Have a good day," I said to the woman as we headed for the door.
"I will because of what you did!" she exclaimed and I teared up.

I don't think we need more guns in the world. I don't think we need to arm elementary schools with bodyguards. I think we need to chill out with the guns before everyone needs a nuke in their basement and the whole country exudes an eye for an eye in the worst way possible.

But I do think we need more random acts of kindness. And maybe by posting about this, you'll feel inclined to make someone's day too. xo

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