So there goes the year. And here comes another.

Cheers to you, friendos! (Maybe a haircut should
be one of the 2013 goals...)
Last year at this time we were headed to Cape May for a couple of days of reflection and resolution-making. This year's theme, Values'12, set a solid footing for our family but I also like to set a few goals and resolutions for myself. Let's see how those played out.

1. Submit a short story to be published. Nope. This one was a fail. I did do some fiction writing, but nothing solid enough to submit anywhere. 
2. Surprise someone. Check! Skersh got a sweet bday cake.
3. Learn to prepare 3 dinner recipes by heart. By heart is a tough one, but I have definitely expanded the repertoire of the dinners I can cook confidently.

1. Keep in touch with family. Yes! I feel good about this one. I saw my parents once a month this year and we are pretty much constantly texting and emailing since Noah was born.
2. Set small goals for myself at work so I can track how I'm doing. I was at a weird spot last year at work, which is why I set this resolution. As things do, my role evolved and the itch to feel successful was scratched. Was a good year.
3. Socialize outside of work. 
Yes, totally yes. I feel like I saw non-work friends more often and for a while I had a weekly standing "dinner with a random friend" date. I also wrote more letters, which helped with this connecting. Plus running NIFW ended up being awesomely social!

Not bad. All in all these goals and resolutions matched what I needed during the year and I feel happy that I set them. So what's next?

2013 Goals
1. Offer classes through NIFW for at least 3 months.
2. Travel on a plane with Noah.
3. Rework our bedroom so it's a relaxing space for me and Chris.
4. Run a race.

2013 Resolutions
1. Practice gratitude. 
2. Socialize. Despite the baby. 
3. Be active about tracking our finances.

In case you haven't noticed, I've used the impending end of the year as motivation to bang out a few posts that I've been meaning to write and publish. There are a couple more coming; the beginning of 2013 is shaping up to look quite different than I expected and I'm looking forward to sharing some changes with you. 

Chris got me a journal for Christmas and I am jazzed to scrawl random thoughts in it. Do you have a journal? Check out this blog post that I stumbled on... I like the questions and am hoping to answer them sometime before midnight tonight.

Happy New Year, buddies!

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EricaRW said...

'YES' to #3 goal
'Hell YES' to #2 resolution
and 'Yes, good idea and you'll be happy you did it' to #3 resolution