The first evening out.

The bottle-hater himself!
We're leaving Noah home with a babysitter (my friend Sarah) tonight for the first time. We've had little mini-dates before but we've never left the borough without him. Tonight is Arc's holiday party and Etsy's is Thursday; we've had sitters lined up for weeks and then just last week he started refusing bottles. And pacifiers.

It has been a stressful week trying to get him to take a bottle again. Finally yesterday he drank some when I switched between me and the bottle (ha! trickery!). I know, logically, that he'll take it if he's hungry enough. But there's some kind of PTSD going on in my brain because of how tough it was when he wasn't eating ANYTHING for the first couple of weeks and we were all in a bad place. I hate messing with what's been working.

All that said, I really need a night out with my husband. I just wrote out the infamous "List of Emergency Contacts" that every parent I've ever babysat for left for me back in the day. How relaxed I was back then about such lists! "Yeah yeah," I thought, "I'll figure it out." I had no idea the parents in question were freaking out about every little detail the way I am currently describing scenarios on this paper.

If X doesn't work, then use AB and if AB doesn't work then try a little C-D-E and if all else fails, JFKLMNOP. And if All else fails, just text us and we'll be in the next cab home!

I told Chris to bring me a latte on the way home so I can stay awake past 9pm. Ah, this new life of mine.

Fingers crossed. Here goes nothing!


EricaRW said...

Good luck & enjoy yourself!!

Jen said...

Thanks, E! It all went fine... we had a great time at the party and Noah took a bottle. :)