My very own book club.

Hey! Come read with me.
So I'm reading this book called The Twelve Tribes of Hattie. I got it from the library the other day and one evening last week Chris took the baby so I could take a bath. There I was, submerged in bubbles, ignoring all baby sounds in the other room, TOTALLY falling in love with that book. That doesn't happen to me so often anymore and it is a total pleasure when it does.

Do you know that feeling? The feeling of admiring the way an author puts words together, a swoon-worthy love story or a heart-breaking tragedy or suspense that builds from one chapter to the next... this is why I read, to hopefully end up submerged in someone else's world, captivated by story. The only thing better is sharing that feeling with someone else.

When the NIFW Creative Summer Camps ended this August, I really wanted to start a book club but knew it wasn't a good idea until I could handle it alongside baby raising. And now that I'm on extended leave from work, it feels like the perfect time to make some friends and talk about books.

So here I am, introducing the No Is For Wimps Book Club!

Here's the scoop: starting February 1, I will be running a month-long online discussion of J.K. Rowling's The Casual Vacancy. Conversation is organized through a handy piece of software called Basecamp (this is what I used for Creative Summer Camp) - and structured so you can avoid spoilers! Read, log on to see what others are saying, add your own two cents, and enjoy being part of a real reading community.

One of my favorite things about running CSC was meeting wonderful people from all around the world... and this is a serious hope I have for Book Club as well! Are you in the mood to meet cool people? Dive headfirst into a book? See for yourself if J.K. Rowling had anything left in her after the final Harry Potter book?

Then join us from wherever you live in the world. I'm limiting it to 20 people to make sure the conversation stays small and manageable and the entry fee is $20. Can't wait to get started!

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