Team '13 (revisited).

Oh. OH. When I themed this year Team '13, I didn't realize that a team would come to support me. I assumed that I was the supporter, the one who would help make the teaminess of the world more teamy. But you guys, with your blog comments and emails and texts and phone calls and Facebook messages and general support... oh. As it turns out, I ended up needing a team this year before I was able to be part of the team.

Thank you. Thank you, a thousand times, thank you. The past two days have been better. This morning I had a few friends from high school visit with their families for birthday bagels (time moves forward for me on Monday, when I turn 32). It was nice and lighthearted and I laughed. I saw Lincoln on Thursday night by myself and had so many thoughts about our country and Abe and now I want to visit a thousand places in DC. Noah and I took the subway to Union Square yesterday and had lunch with a friend. The occasions to get out of the apartment (with or without the little bean) have cleared my head in a way that the long, lonely hours of sitting at home cannot. (Even though I do need some days when we're just here, all day, alone, so that we can both rest and be quiet.)

I'm feeling very grateful for people, for all of you. Thanks. You are helping me. xo

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