Bright spot.

I don't know how it happens, but somehow while we're sleeping my optimism returns. Every morning I wake up ready to face the day, ready to do better, to try again. This resilience amazes me and this morning I am so grateful for it.

There are so many posts I've wanted to write recently, all in a desperate attempt to write through the sludge and process the bad, bad days. For whatever reason, none of them have come together here and so I leave this short little one as a positive remembrance of this period of our lives. We are really having a tough time over here, but most mornings we wake up believing we can still do it. And that's not nothing.

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Susan Epting said...


You definitely can do it! Just hang in there and soon Noah will be big enough to say, "I love you" and give you a big hug and kiss! You just have to wade through the infancy stage. Believe me, he is showing his love for you and Chris through his smiles and cooing but it's just hard to realize it when the times are trying. You and Chris are strong and are the best parents. You both just need to live in the moment and enjoy it.

Mom xo