Reunited in DC last week... there's nothing like sibs.
This morning, after almost 10 years of not seeing each other, my freshman roommate arrived at our door to help me start planning our college reunion. We're co-chairing the reunion, which I think works out really well... though we had different interests and activities while at Muhlenberg, deep down we are both responsible and grounded and motivated. Those seem to be decent ingredients when organizing such a shindig.

Leave it to seeing someone after a decade to provide a huge dose of perspective. I caught her up on everything that's happened since 2003 (which, let's just say, is a lot). Noah's fussiness this week seemed a mere speck on the map compared to the big life things that have happened. And it was equally fascinating to hear what's been going on with her, what dreams she's persisted in following and how everything has shaken out.

We need friends of all kinds in our lives, those we see daily and weekly and monthly and yearly and every 10 years. Because with a healthy mix of all these things, we remember who we are - and who we always have been.


It is always so wonderful to hear that someone has been reading my blog. I know it can be slightly awkward to put it out there (often people admit reading this blog by saying that they feel creepy or weird or the like), but let's just ignore those feelings because there's no need for them. I write in this space for myself and to keep up with friends who live far away and to make new friends who have joined my book club or Creative Summer Camp last year or who just drop me an email to say hello.

And so it has been particularly wonderful to receive emails lately from lots of random people from my past who have stumbled on this blog somewhere along the way. Hi, hello and here's a hug to you, old friends. I'm so happy to hear from you.

Not to mention the fact that most of these emails have been short (or long!) messages of support to me and my little family as we get through our days. It means a lot to receive those messages and I am having a hard time staying on top of writing meaningful words in return, but I promise to at least drop a line of gratitude in response when I can.


I'm doing okay. My bedtime is earlier these days, which helps. I've been making a lot of soup, which helps. Therapy is helping. Having a hard cider at noon with another mom every so often is helping. Bubble baths and chai lattes and reading and new episodes of Downton Abbey help. 

And a little boy who is growing... he, too, is helping. From one day to the next he is learning; we can see it and it feels like progress. Regardless of how fussy he can be, he almost always wakes up deliriously happy to see us, as if he can't imagine his good fortune, as if to say "You?! Again?! I am so lucky to hang out with these funny people!"



Sarah said...

The last paragraph made me teary. It perfectly encapsulates how I feel about HP. It's so damn hard, but then, I see his smiling little self discover something new and all the frustrations melt away. For the moment at least. But that moment is worth it.

Mer said...

Looking good Jen!