Something fun.

I really love playing board games, but YOU try playing against someone who is a genius in all things math and logic-related. I get schooled so badly that I get mad and pissy and THERE GOES MARITAL BLISS!

Board games, however, are perfect things to do in the evening when you have to be at home to watch the sleeping baby. For Christmas I hit up the local board game shop and asked about two-player games... the dudes there recommended Carcassonne. It is SO FUN!

We always take a pic of the board after we're done.
Ignore those ice cream sandwich wrappers.

It's so hard to find a fun game for two players, but this is great. It's different every time and though Chris usually still wins, I kind of don't care. We recently got one of the expansion sets (Inns and Cathedrals) and love that too. 

Just a quick rec for those of you chained to your house lately (due to snow, infants, broken legs, whatevs...) and looking for something fun.


EricaRW said...

DUDE THIS IS MY LIFE. When it comes to any of the more charades/make-a-fool-of-yourself games I can snag a win but not in any strategy games! and he does it so nonchalantly like 'oh look, I'm done... I guess I win?' grr...

We play 'Ticket to Ride' - it's available as an iPhone app, too so you don't even have to set up a board for the ultimate lazy experience.

Jen said...

@Erica- Ooohh Ticket to Ride was my other option!

bloooog said...

Play the head body feet game, where you take a piece of paper and fold it in thirds, then someone draws the head, the next draws the body, same for feet, then you unfold it and see what it looks like. Also called Exquisite Corpse, although that also refers to a word game. You can play online now too: headbodyfeet.

Magical Day Dream said...

I was playing a board game with my boyfriend the other night, and I kept making stupid moves while he was being all strategic. Then in the end, through some major unrealistic changes, we threw the dice 5 times in a row in the best possible way for me; and I won after all, despite of all the conditions leading to something else. I was cheering and laughing so loud haha.