Raising a baby in Bococa

See? Parenting = easy. (Haa!)
So now I do this thing. When I meet a mom with a little baby in our neighborhood, I ask immediately how she is doing. I'm probably overstepping (which glides so easily into oversharing, probably!) but I feel the need to bring these thirsty moms water. When I was wandering the 'hood like a zombie only a few short months ago, I was dying for a drink of experienced momdom. I really just wanted someone with a slightly older baby to tell me it was going to be okay because anyone who did NOT recently do sleep training or have sore boobs did not qualify.

Anyways, now I just overshare and I take people's email addresses or phone numbers and tell them to call me ANYTIME (no really, anytime) and I also promise that I'm going to send them a list of Things That Will Save Their Lives. So here goes; now I can just send them the link to this blog post. Donezo.

THINGS THAT WILL SAVE YOUR LIFE (when you are raising a little baby in Brooklyn):

  • 61 Local - a bar with lots of room for strollers, a killer ricotta-honey-toast situation, and almost always at least one mom wearing a baby and drinking a hard cider.
  • Vered's music class (so, so, so, so good!)
  • Andrea Syms-Brown- Lactation consultant extraordinaire. 
  • Breast-feeding Support Group at Gumbo- led biweekly by Andrea Syms-Brown; this is where I made so many mom friends. It is an incredible group and a perfect place where your baby can eat, sleep, play, whatEVER while you connect with the other ladies in the circle.
  • The library! I always have books on hold to pick up, which is a great excuse to leave the house.
  • Cobble Hill Park- Also known as the Ted & Honey Park because it's nearby. 
  • PetSmart on Atlantic and Court has a changing station in the women's bathroom! And it is awesome.
  • Cookie's on the Fulton Mall - This is a super-cheap place to buy pacifiers, bottles and general baby supplies. Unlike the little shops on Court Street that are crazy expensive. 
  • Baby swings at Pierrepont Playground and Van Voorhees Park
  • Every park down at Pier 6

When in doubt, send me an email. For real, I am happy to help anyone going through the tough first few months!

P.S. I also have a list of therapists who specialize in Postpartum issues, so definitely drop an email if you'd like that.

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Courtney said...

Separate from all of the wonderful things on your list, having someone like you reach out Will Save Your Life if you're a flailing new mom. (Which pretty much describes all of us.) May I suggest you print this up and pass it out to pregnant ladies you see in the neighborhood? Or even better, open a Women's Center in Bococa! :)