Growth, lately.

We spent last week in Arizona. It was our first cross-country trip with Noah and he did great on the flights and as expected with the time zone changes. Arizona is hot as the surface of the sun these days, so there were some pros to starting our days at 3am: namely darkness. We took him swimming and showed him desert jackrabbits and funny-looking birds whose heads reminded me of the guinea hens at the farm where I used to work. He slept in several new places and each time it took a nap or two to get him comfortable. But in the end he had an awesome week and though we're exhausted, so did we.

This morning I started with a mountain of laundry and unpacking. I got Noah dressed and realized that the 9 month clothes are snug. Later I went through a basket of toys that he got for Christmas and realized that, suddenly, he's old enough for them. Suddenly he wants to play with balls and blocks and maybe even the fire engine. Before our eyes, he's grown.

That's how growing works, right? It's most noticeable in babies, the constant progression towards The Next Step. Size of clothes, complexity of toys, chunkability of new foods. All these things happen quietly in the background and you can never put your finger on when, but one day you wake up and they've happened. You're in a new place.

Noah's growth coincides well with some growing that I've been feeling lately too. One day recently I woke up and felt more adult than ever. A good portion of it might have to do with some writing I did recently and some of it also has to do with the conference in Phoenix and work stuff I've been reading. Yesterday morning I woke up and felt very full with potential. It has been a long time since I've actively felt that, definitely before Noah was born, maybe even years ago now. Yesterday morning I woke up and I was ready for more complex toys and my clothes might have even fit differently. Good feeling.

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