How to prune.

There are lots of things to learn from plants. The ways plants direct energy, for one. When I make the time to prune away the dead leaves, our plants look so much better. Freed up from the dead weight, they direct energy to growing new, fresh leaves. Recently I watered a neighbor's plants while she was away and I spent a while the first night clipping old and dead leaves. (This, by the way, is really meditative...) A few days later that plant had a new lease on life - it looked great!

We visited Wisconsin last week and I noticed that Chris' stepmom clips flowers from her yard to display in vases around the house. I love that. Yesterday I pruned the geraniums on our balcony and clipped the flowers that were just starting to go. Now they have a happy little spot near the soap in our bathroom:

What (or who) do you  need to prune from your days? How can you best direct your energy? It matters.

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Rebecca said...

My mom also does that, and I love it.

Let us know when you're in Wisconsin again! We can drive down to Racine (?) and meet you for coffee or something. Or, if you want an a few days to explore MKE, you're always welcome to stay with us!