There is more joy than this in the world for you.

In a hunt for stationary this morning, I ran across a few old notebooks that I used to carry around and write in. Here's an excerpt from an entry in March 2011:

Because the truth is, I am amazed by life and by people's stories and by the possibilities that we all have. I am amazed that I run 10 miles a week because I wanted to! I can't believe that I lived in France and traveled to India. And sometimes I am so tired, exhausted even, because it is exhausting work finding as much joy as you can muster. But it is worth it.

As I'm writing this, there's a boyfriend trying to sweet talk his ex nearby... and I just want to tell her NO. You don't need this dude. There is more joy than this in the world for you.

Hoping that all of you are finding the joy you deserve on this July morning. xx