The Plucky Plant

You know me. I like plants. And I especially like marking important life events with plants. I'm three weeks into running Plucky (site coming soon!) and have been thinking about the kind of plant that could celebrate the beginning of a business.

Chris is building out my site today, so Noah and I spent a few hours out on the town. We ended up at Dig, which is where I got Noah's birth plant last year. I swear I could spend thousands of dollars in this store... and boy, wouldn't Chris be surprised when he got home from work and we lived in a JUNGLE?!

Anyhoo. I got a Plucky plant today. I told the shop owners that I wanted something funky and courageous and striking and worth talking about. I think they nailed it with this Croton Paintbrush:

Here it is at home on my desk, my cozy corner of the world lately. I think it looks BAD. ASS.

Also, they let Noah pick out a dinosaur and they stuck it right in the middle. Will have to think of a great name for him.

And finally, here's my shopping partner. He was really into all the plants; as soon as we walked in the store he was pointing at the ones hanging from the ceiling. Small green thumb? Only time will tell.


Feel the burn.

Some nights when I can't sleep or while I make the long walk between Noah's room and ours, I think about this blog and how to write a few posts about some of the big changes going on in our lives. If I keep waiting for the perfect time, the post won't get written, so here's the imperfect post describing it all.

I'm leaving my job. I've got two more days this week and then I'm out.

The reasons I'm leaving my job are complex, but at the end of the day they have to do with a thousand pounds of introspection and hours of journaling which revealed that I want to own my own business.

Say what? I know. Just as things had settled into routine, as Noah got used to daycare and I got used to commuting and balancing work and life... But sometimes it takes a calm before a storm and sometimes it takes a quiet moment before your water breaks. And, metaphorically speaking, I think my professional water just broke and it's time for me to start hustling.

On Monday, September 9, I won't ride the train to work. Instead, Chris will leave the apartment with Noah and I'll sit here at my desk and labor through the work of starting a consulting business. Over the past 5+ years in my current role, I've learned more about people and the way they work together than I can say. I'm going to consult with small agencies and start-ups about their talent, to encourage them to find ways to communicate better, to wade in and get messy in employee handbooks and the challenge of managing people and, ultimately, I will help people work with people.

(DOESN'T THAT SOUND AMAZING? I mean, please. Dream job!)

I feel so deeply in my bones that this is a NEED in the world that it has driven me to leave my current job, a job I adore and am weepy to leave. Learning more about starting a business, as well as coaching humans through the trials of running their own, has me excited beyond belief. I'll share more here as things come together, but I'll also have a new channel of writing once my site is up. Stay tuned.

If I had more time, I'd have written a long post called "Anatomy of a Big Decision." I might also have created a playlist called "Songs to Decide By" or a reading list called "How To Figure Things Out." The last two months have emotionally stretched me far beyond what I found comfortable, but now I find a soft place here, between the creaks and the aches, and it no longer feels like pain. Now I'm feeling the burn.