The Plucky Plant

You know me. I like plants. And I especially like marking important life events with plants. I'm three weeks into running Plucky (site coming soon!) and have been thinking about the kind of plant that could celebrate the beginning of a business.

Chris is building out my site today, so Noah and I spent a few hours out on the town. We ended up at Dig, which is where I got Noah's birth plant last year. I swear I could spend thousands of dollars in this store... and boy, wouldn't Chris be surprised when he got home from work and we lived in a JUNGLE?!

Anyhoo. I got a Plucky plant today. I told the shop owners that I wanted something funky and courageous and striking and worth talking about. I think they nailed it with this Croton Paintbrush:

Here it is at home on my desk, my cozy corner of the world lately. I think it looks BAD. ASS.

Also, they let Noah pick out a dinosaur and they stuck it right in the middle. Will have to think of a great name for him.

And finally, here's my shopping partner. He was really into all the plants; as soon as we walked in the store he was pointing at the ones hanging from the ceiling. Small green thumb? Only time will tell.

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