Go west, pre-middle-aged woman.*

We were moving to Portland, Oregon. Having told ourselves for the past several years that NYC was too busy, too expensive, too stressful, too far from nature, we finally made the call last summer. Portland in 2014; it was happening.

We told our families in the fall and contacted movers for estimates. I quit my NY-based job and could take Plucky anywhere; Chris had a few options to entertain in terms of working remotely. I wrote the news in almost every Christmas card I sent. We had done our homework. That's what I'm getting at.

And then, sometimes when you least expect it, a curveball hits.

Three weeks ago Chris was flown out to San Francisco to interview for his dream job. Neither of us put too much stock in the scenario because it was so competitive and also I have really been working on not worrying about THINGS THAT ARE NOT YET REAL (personal growth shout-out!). So when he called me after the interview and told me he had an offer to work onsite in SF, I really was in shock. San Francisco? CALIFORNIA? Everything, from less financial stress to having a yard with a sandbox disintegrated during the few days before my birthday and I found myself facing 33 years old in a very uncertain place.

Reddit flew us out this past weekend so that we could take a look at the area. I'd been to SF before and could not imagine foggy, chilly days in July. I barely remembered any nature and hated the idea of living in a shoebox apartment with our growing toddler. But something in me has been softening, so much so that we arrived in Oakland on Friday night prepared to look for the best during our weekend adventure.

And I have to report back that we don't feel like we're going to be "making do" in the Bay area. We fell in love with Berkeley, watched the Super Bowl at a high school friend's house with his toddler and drove through stunning nature. Yesterday our flight home was canceled and we were rebooked on the red eye, so we took off for the beach, walking and driving along the coast, memories of our honeymoon road trip at every turn. It was a wonderful weekend and we have decided to say yes to a new adventure, so... we're moving to San Francisco!

Yesterday as my Instagram feed was filled with snowy photos back home, I sat in the sun while Chris had meetings. I read my travel guidebook, got excited about learning about the history of the city, and really let the sun warm me up. It felt good. It felt totally unexpected, but like a twist in the plot you never knew you wanted.

It's truly taken me a few weeks to feel good about this change, but now I really do. I've so longed to write about making this decision, but for obvious reasons relating to Chris' job (and future job), it wasn't possible. Now I can't wait to ask all of you what YOU think of San Francisco!? Do you know someone who has a place to rent in Berkeley? What books should I be reading?

And where should we go exploring with the littlest member of the family? Other than clown school, because, hello:

Thanks for your support and wise words during this time. We'll be moving mid-April and will be soaking up NYC until then! xox

(*Title inspired by SBJ's blog post a few years ago about moving to the west coast for a while. That post has been a huge inspiration to me since I read it, particularly the part about slowing down time by trying new living environments...)


Tom said...

Exciting times! I'd like to add my name to the list of people who would like to hang out before you head west.

Abby said...

Well, I am bummed we won't be able to catch you in PDX, but what an adventure awaits! And a dream job for Chris can't be beat :)

Lindsay said...

so VERY excited for you!!! <3

Meredith Targarona said...

Mazel :)

KYGrace said...

I'm crazy-happy for you guys! Let's talk soon!!!! Love the pic of the rug-rat - soooo cutie! Congratulations on an adventure of a lifetime! xxxooo