Goodbye, New York: 19 days left

Goodbye, March. Goodbye, winter. Goodbye snow and snowboots. (But hello still scarves and warm coats and rain boots, because Berkeley isn't San Diego).

We have to get rid of our plants. Can't import them to California. Can't fly with them or send them with movers. For a while I resisted this. My Nana's violets! Our wedding hoya. My Plucky plant and Noah's birth plant, among others.

But slowly I've realized that it's alright because there will be more plants out there to buy and nurture and help grow. I'll find good homes for our special greenery and then I'll let it go because my Nana's violets aren't my Nana. Our wedding hoya isn't our marriage. My business is built on more than its flora symbol and my son grows like a weed anyway, so who needs a birth plant?

Last week in Portland I needed to reground myself so I rented a zipcar and drove out to the woods. Those are the kinds of plants I need now... the native kinds that pump giant amounts of oxygen back into the atmosphere. I think California has plenty.

I am so looking forward to nature in our lives. xx

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