Goodbye, New York: 27 days left

Me and the new mama!

Because I grew up an hour from NYC and went to college 2 hours from here, a lot of people I went to school with live nearby. I've been so lucky to live near some of my best girlfriends from college; over the past six years we've gone to a million restaurants, hosted bachelorette parties and 30th birthday parties and baby showers and gone to alumni happy hours together.

Today I drove to New Jersey to meet the new son of a great friend and to brunch with my girlfriends for the last time before we leave. I learned two important things:

1. I will always, always get lost driving out of the Holland Tunnel.
2. New babies are SO SMALL! My guy is officially not a baby anymore.

One saving grace of moving to California is that so many people want to visit. Girlfriends definitely included!

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