Goodbye, New York: 31 days left

Today marks one month til we leave New York. I've been having trouble finding closure on leaving. Marking off to-do list items has left me head-down, with not much awareness of how much our life is about to change.

Then I remembered how much more in-tune I felt with having a baby once I started the Dear Tiny blog. I've decided to post a photo on this blog each day leading up to our departure, a way of saying thanks and goodbye to a city that has given me a career, husband, son and two cats. (Among a million other things).

After all, this blog was originally started to say goodbye to NYC. My very first post in May 2006 was about leaving Central Park on my way to grad school in Paris. That feels like a really long time ago.

Today I say goodbye to the Statue of Liberty, who you can see from our balcony, and our view of Brooklyn. (See her? In the middle there? Wayyyy back?). In the six years I've lived in Brooklyn, I never visited the Statue of Liberty even though I see her every day. Crazy, right?

That's just how life is.

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doug said...

Have you heard REM's Leaving New York? It was kind of my theme song for moving out of the city. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tCvnGxfBfiw