Berkeley, day 5

"Text me when you get off the bus," I tell Chris and when I get his text I put our shoes on. I grab a ball and Noah and I putter around the flowers and small yard (that belongs to the downstairs neighbor who doesn't seem to live here) to wait.

This evening I caught a picture of Chris coming up the walk while Noah played. There were a lot of good moments today, but that one was a highlight. 

In the garden I spotted hydrangeas and roses, lettuce and ivy. When they talk about San Francisco as a foggy place, they cannot mean Berkeley. So far Berkeley has been sun and flowers and delight. I know it's early days, but Chris said it best earlier.

"I feel like we just got a life upgrade."



Our first CA days

We are here - happy, excited and loving the sunshine. We're also without furniture or internet and are in a hotel these first few days, so I'll share more images than words til things get up and running... What a ride. This feels good.


Goodbye, New York: 1 day left

This morning I realized that the hotel I booked for Brooklyn tonight was actually booked for March 18 instead of April 18. It was a little bit straw-that-broke-the-camel's back, so I cried. I feel like I'm Project Managing a project without a ticketing system these days and the sheer volume of details required to get through this phase is staggering. 

It reminds me of wedding planning. Blech.

I'd like to say I'm nostalgic and cuddly about New York, but I think I'm pretty much over it. Or maybe I'm over moving. That's probably more right.

I can't wait to get to California, where no one ever messes up the date of your hotel room and no cats ever need to fly on planes and no babies ever screw up their nap schedules. A girl can dream...

The other night Chris and I talked for a while on the couch about the move. I think it's easy to gloss over the opportunity to be proud. We got jobs. We made money. We bought our baby food and clothes and prepped his suitcases. We got our cats their vaccines and soft carriers and have reserved taxis to shuttle us to and from airports. A van is driving our stuff across the country right this moment. 

When someone asks how we got to California, the answer on some level must be that we put one foot ahead of the other and did it ourselves. I am amazed that we are adults sometimes, that despite the incredible support of family and friends, WE are making our own lives happen.

We're grown-ups. We decided what to do. And now we're doing it. Thanks, New York, for being the place where we learned and practiced that spirit. We won't soon forget it.

See you on the other coast, friends.



Goodbye, New York: 3 days left

Moving day. Tonight we sleep at my parents'. My mom picked Noah up this morning so he's out of the mess of boxes.

Last night we read our Kindles via book lights and went to bed at 8:30.

The cats are locked in the bathroom til the movers leave and then they have run of the empty place for a few days.

Everyone is hanging in. xx


Goodbye, New York: 8 days left

Besides the fact that Plucky is going well and I feel it's my life's work, I am so grateful to have started it last year. When I imagine what could have been - quitting my old job NOW, looking for a new job in San Francisco, balancing motherhood with job search and the early, daunting days of proving oneself- I am so damn happy to be in the thick of Plucky instead.

I can work from anywhere. 

My days are more a collage than ever, wireframes at 6am, making oatmeal for Noah at 8, business calls and packing boxes and signing contracts and taking the cats to the vet. Dinner with a friend. It's truly a modern schedule.

Like every parent I go through periods of feeling that something is awry, but these past few weeks have felt as balanced as they might ever be. Feeling lucky.


Goodbye, New York: 12 days left

Here's what I'm looking forward to: sun and making a new living space and the slower pace dictated by not knowing many people out there yet.

We had a going away party on Saturday and my heart was SWOLLEN by the end of the night, full of love and kind words and amazed by the life we built here. Instead of feeling sad about leaving all those people, I really feel excited that we draw those types of souls to us. I have faith that we will create an equally supportive community wherever we go.

I'm okay. I feel pretty good about how this is shaping up. 


Goodbye, New York: 16 days left

We have a giant to-do list and every night after dinner, after Noah is in bed, we do a couple things. Tonight we cleaned out the bedroom and the front closet. We found bridesmaid dresses that don't fit and old sneakers and a thousand papers to shred.

I met someone last week who builds kids apps for the iPad. He gave me a few recommendations (and some free download codes!) and we need to get them set up for the long flight in the next two weeks. I also ordered some time-consuming-distraction stuff on Amazon that arrived tonight:

The pressure and lack of weeks is starting to make itself known. Now I turn down NY gigs or lunch dates or coffee breaks for late April. Now, as we make piles of things to donate, we are shedding old ways and belongings. 

It feels like mentally, if not yet physically, packing.

Last night I had drinks with industry colleagues in the East Village and as I rode a taxi home I wondered if it was the last time I'd be there. I snapped this shot as we rolled towards the Brooklyn Bridge, for one moment very aware of what I have today that I won't have tomorrow... the tiny corners of NYC:


Goodbye, New York: 18 days left

This morning my left eye was crusted shut when I woke up, so I read email for 5 minutes out of one eye before I made it to the bathroom to confirm pink eye.

Son of a b.

Noah also woke up to pink eye (two of them), and so instead of a very productive day, we had a weird day of doctors and naps and spending close to 1000 hours at CVS waiting for our respective eye drops.

The great thing is that I really love my kid these days. I made the executive rule that anyone who has pink eye gets ice cream, so that's what we did this afternoon. Here is someone sneaking a scoop during our selfie:

Then, later, I thought I'd try the Ergo as a backpack. We were so tired of leaving the apartment to do errands, but Noah was calm and curious the whole time back there. We got our drops and then I bought one of those roasting chickens at the supermarket for dinner, the kind that smell so good in the store you can barely wait until dinner so you sneak a piece and then the cats are begging on the countertop. Scoundrels.

It was a really good day.