Goodbye, New York: 16 days left

We have a giant to-do list and every night after dinner, after Noah is in bed, we do a couple things. Tonight we cleaned out the bedroom and the front closet. We found bridesmaid dresses that don't fit and old sneakers and a thousand papers to shred.

I met someone last week who builds kids apps for the iPad. He gave me a few recommendations (and some free download codes!) and we need to get them set up for the long flight in the next two weeks. I also ordered some time-consuming-distraction stuff on Amazon that arrived tonight:

The pressure and lack of weeks is starting to make itself known. Now I turn down NY gigs or lunch dates or coffee breaks for late April. Now, as we make piles of things to donate, we are shedding old ways and belongings. 

It feels like mentally, if not yet physically, packing.

Last night I had drinks with industry colleagues in the East Village and as I rode a taxi home I wondered if it was the last time I'd be there. I snapped this shot as we rolled towards the Brooklyn Bridge, for one moment very aware of what I have today that I won't have tomorrow... the tiny corners of NYC:

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