Goodbye, New York: 18 days left

This morning my left eye was crusted shut when I woke up, so I read email for 5 minutes out of one eye before I made it to the bathroom to confirm pink eye.

Son of a b.

Noah also woke up to pink eye (two of them), and so instead of a very productive day, we had a weird day of doctors and naps and spending close to 1000 hours at CVS waiting for our respective eye drops.

The great thing is that I really love my kid these days. I made the executive rule that anyone who has pink eye gets ice cream, so that's what we did this afternoon. Here is someone sneaking a scoop during our selfie:

Then, later, I thought I'd try the Ergo as a backpack. We were so tired of leaving the apartment to do errands, but Noah was calm and curious the whole time back there. We got our drops and then I bought one of those roasting chickens at the supermarket for dinner, the kind that smell so good in the store you can barely wait until dinner so you sneak a piece and then the cats are begging on the countertop. Scoundrels.

It was a really good day.


EricaRW said...

way to show pink eye who's boss! I love the ice cream commitment from Noah, I get it kid ;)

Meredith Targarona said...

sorry about the pink eye...but tell me the truth, doesn't your back hurt after schlepping a toddler around in that Ergo thing? We don't have one - are we missing something? I don't think Marsh would EVER want to sit still in one of those. Is it worth it? Happy Trails :)