Goodbye, New York: 8 days left

Besides the fact that Plucky is going well and I feel it's my life's work, I am so grateful to have started it last year. When I imagine what could have been - quitting my old job NOW, looking for a new job in San Francisco, balancing motherhood with job search and the early, daunting days of proving oneself- I am so damn happy to be in the thick of Plucky instead.

I can work from anywhere. 

My days are more a collage than ever, wireframes at 6am, making oatmeal for Noah at 8, business calls and packing boxes and signing contracts and taking the cats to the vet. Dinner with a friend. It's truly a modern schedule.

Like every parent I go through periods of feeling that something is awry, but these past few weeks have felt as balanced as they might ever be. Feeling lucky.

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