This morning before my feet hit the ground, I thought about my beautiful life, my husband, my son, my work, the sunny warm weather that I'm getting for my birthday this year. I'm very grateful and I'm still learning lots. xo

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2015: H-O-M-E.

One of my favorite traditions is to sit down in the last few days of a year and do some planning for myself. Depending on the year and what I've stumbled upon, the exercise is different - but for the past couple of years, I've done Susannah Conway's Unraveling workbook. The first half of it focused on 2014 and looking back; the second half looked forward at 2015. I took a few hours while we were in New York for Christmas to do the 2014 work and then finished the future work back here in California this week.

People, this is so worth doing.

First of all, it is always a mind bender to read your thoughts from the previous year (mostly because you realize that you basically always knew what you had to do and how you needed to get there, magic really). But also I find it incredibly helpful to theme years, to designate a word that hovers in the background of the next 365 days, casting clarity and grounding me when I need it.

Last year I picked the word "energy." And HOLY MOLY how the energy showed up. I taught workshops on introverts and extroverts. I talked constantly about my internal gas tank, monitoring what I needed most (quiet? social? time with Noah? time away from him? etc.) in a mindful and meaningful way. I mean, it really kept me sane. I made decisions about which work to take on based on my energy levels and how much traveling I was doing. And it wasn't like I woke up every morning and said OK ENERGY, HOW DOES IT APPLY TO THIS DAY?? It just hovered behind everything: a theme, a piece of the floorboards beneath me.

The word really came to greet me in the last few months of the year as I handled the first trimester of this pregnancy (oh... uh... I'M PREGNANT! I guess I haven't said that here!). I was SO wiped out and needed naps upon naps to function. I resisted for a while because naps? Naps are for people avoiding things. Except NOPE, naps are for people who need more energy. So I napped my heart out for a few months to keep the rest of my life on rails.

Energy. It was a great word. It was a great year.

But now it's 2015. And do you know what kind of year I need to manifest when the previous year has been all energetic and powerful? I need a year of home. Not 100% at home, but I need to do some nesting and root-growing and embracing this house and our community here in Berkeley. Because come late June, I'm gonna have another baby to contend with. And it will sure be nice (and necessary) to have friends and a community to support us as we navigate life as a family of four.

Home extends farther out than just a physical space, though. Novels feel like home to me - I need to read more of them. I want to cook a little more. I want to bake. I want to know a few of the regional parks like the back of my hand. I want to check out a few churches, try an exercise class, find a favorite restaurant. I want to spend more time in San Francisco, getting to know the streets and the sights and the coffee shops. Life in Berkeley doesn't feel like a semester abroad anymore, but it does still feel less than established and 2015 is the year to work on that.

And when all is said and done, writing truly feels like home to me too. So I'm going to be doing a lot more of it for work, but also some personal stuff here as well. Because there will be much to write about and process this year. Of that I am sure.

Happy, happy new year, friends. I hope your 2015 is off to exactly the start that you need it to be. And if it's not? Well you're always one decision away from changing everything. That's just the truth. xo