Day 11

"Five days in the bed
Five days on the bed
Five days around the bed."

This is what my midwife told me nearly every appointment before Aaron was born. The first two weeks postpartum, she explained, was really important to my healing - mentally and physically. We've been following this as much as possible, prioritizing sleep over everything else and we've got a tiny rhythm down now. It will inevitably change in 24 hours (because, newborns!) but I hold onto any pattern I can to get through each day. Chris and I high five before bed each night, congratulating our team for making it one more day. 

The second kid is much different than the first- or maybe it's purely that we are different parents. I have posted 2 or 3 things on social media since A's birth but consumed nothing. I go between the NYTimes and people.com. (Just being honest!) I sleep much better when I'm not worried about anyone outside this fam for the moment. It won't last forever but it's been great for these early days.

We also just really adore this baby. He is eating like a fiend, the total opposite scenario from when Noah lost weight for the first 10 days. Man are we grateful that we're not panicked about our kid's hydration levels this time around.

But we know what's coming. A charming little boy who uses his words and smiles at us and wants to wear certain pjs or hear his favorite stories before bed. That has been proven out through Noah and we are loving the early age with Aaron so much more because we can see the light down the tunnel.

Someone's ready to eat again so this is the end!

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