Day 8

Last night I got in bed at 7pm, hoping that I could get a little more sleep with the extra time front-loaded. When I saw that it was midnight and I hadn't slept yet because our second son Aaron had been cluster feeding all night again, I was in a bad place. (Hi blog I haven't written on in months... I had a baby a week ago.)

So finally at 2am I sent Chris to the living room with Aaron so I could have a shift of sleep. And I ended up with about 4+ hours, interrupted by a few more feedings. 

There is a short list of things that are getting me through this period. A book
called The Obstacle is the Way that I read right before he was born. Another book that I'm too tired to look up right now about a woman named Amy who lost both her legs and then became an Olympic snowboarder. The concept called Stockdale syndrome of a military guy captured in Vietnam who always believed he'd get out of there but never put a timeline on it so his heart was never broken. 

And I also thought about sitting in the sun today for 10 minutes. I haven't left my front door in 8 days and I thought about how it would feel to have sun on me. Nights are so hard around 5pm because you start to brace yourself for anything but sleep. 

So now I'm in the sun for 10 minutes to drink some water and tea (this kid EATS) and to feel some sun and breeze before I'm needed inside. (And JUST as I typed that, Noah woke up from his nap. Time to go.)

Future self, you made it through newborn phase #2. Current self, you're doing it. One hour at a time.


Lindsay said...

Bird by bird Jen. You are doing great!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the birth of your second son. Bon courage! Ciara