Aw hey.

Hm. What should we do tomorrow? Maybe take a BRAIN TUMOR OUT? 

Cool. Good idea. I'm on it. 12:50 my time. Let's let these magic surgeons go get it. 

I chopped off a chunk of my hair a few minutes ago to remember the first 35 years by. I told Noah my silly doctor is going to give me a matching haircut to him and won't that be funny? He is weirded out by life at the moment but did crack up. Aaron has learned to eat real chunks of food over the past few days so his diapers are gonna be SWEET for all these extended caregivers while I'm out. Ha! 

I got letters from Mormon friends yesterday and dinner dropped by from my Jewish personal trainer tonight and my church I grew up in had a bishop in town today and my cats just snuggled me all afternoon. So, you know. A big mix of magic.

Thanks for the texts and messages. I can't read em anymore but I will after. Tonight was overwhelming but I ate dinner surrounded by family wearing We Are Plucky tee shirts and my 2 boys who are the best kids I know. I'm gonna be good.



KYGrace said...

We are ALL praying you through, Jen. xxoo

Sarah Kopper said...

Been thinking of you all day. Sending love and strength.

Sarah Kopper said...
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