I only had one meaningful conversation during Reddit's April Fools' Day project this year. They set you up with a stranger and you can type anything. I asked what he was most afraid of. He said change.

Then he asked me back.

I thought for a while and I finally said beige life, living 5/10. One week later I found out about the brain tumor.

Today I came home from ICU. I was so tired but my mom opened so many packages and read me cards. There was one package from the author Charles Baxter. He wrote my favorite book called the feast of love. He sent me a copy of this book and inscribed it to me. My friend Jess Farris apparently wrote him to ask.

I don't know what to say. What are you supposed to with that? The cards and the gifts and the books from people I have met across my whole life, arriving in the bigness of it is so overwhelming I genuinely cannot comprehend. 


A while back when I lived in New York and worked in a building with a big elevator, I set a goal in my mind. My goal was to be able to get trapped in the elevator with any human and have it be OK. Even a friend who hurt me really badly in high school or even a terrorist. I really love each human. Everyone is doing their best, everyone is trying to survive. When you look in one person's eyes you see that they too are handling a lot.

Here is the very nice doctor who did the artery work yesterday. He has a four-month-old baby girl and today he came and showed us some images from my brain in ICU. He did a good job and made us feel so confident about the work for Monday. Thank you, Dr. Rob.

Many times a day I say the words "please keep me here." I literally have no idea what my work is now but I know I have so much to do. Thank you everyone for every single thing you have done. You are responsible for the energy bring into a room and you have completely and utterly blown our hearts and minds over the past two weeks. Thank you thank you thank you.<3

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