A list of things I could do to pay back Jess

In case you have not been following along on FB, my college friend Jess has been getting various heroes of mine to send me SIGNED BOOKS. (Aka Charles Baxter, Dave Eggers, Brene Brown, Krista Tipett). What she must have said and included in her letters to these very famous people, we do not know. (Crack? Snickers? Boxes of Girl Scout Samoas by the dozen?!)

Also her mom just sent me a box of 24 cranes that her Elementary School class made me to get better soon. (WHO ARE THESE KIND PEOPLE.)

So sometimes to make myself laugh I draft a list of payback items. Here are a few:
1. 4 Golden Retriever puppies with red bows (5 seems like too many for a dog walker, so I stopped at 4.)
2. Dozens of boxes of Girl Scout Samoas 
3. A hot air balloon that folds up nicely so she can commute to her job in L.A. without having a bad commute
4. A website from one of my clients that just says JESS [LAST NAME] IS A GREAT FRIEND
5. An oculus rift
6. A museum
7. Meal train for a year 
8. Governor's Island in NYC (they barely do anything with it anyway and I have always wanted to make it a college campus OR buy it and get all my friends to move there and have a weird town of Muhlenberg and Middlebury and Arc90 alumni, among others)
9. A Christmas tree in May, complete with reindeer
10. A baby
11. Buy a box of Lucky Charms, pick all the marshmallows out and put them in a Tupperware and send her the Tupperware 

That's all I got for now. I'll let you know what we come up with xo

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