Bears. And tortoises.

I read a book with Noah the other night about a mother and baby bear who are getting ready for hibernation during the winter. Isn't it the most BIZARRE thing to imagine? Going into a cave nest thing for MONTHS without eating or anything but sleeping? (Ok, I think they eat a tiny bit, but still.)

Then I read something about tortoises and had some similar disbelief. Isn't it nuts that a tortoise has his HOUSE attached to himself? He's like an animal RV. The dude can stop at any moment and say "I'm out, heading home" and he's there. 

I don't know why these thoughts came to mind today. Maybe because they're both about sorts of homes and I've spent a lot of time in our house lately. I wouldn't say hibernation is over for me just yet but I'm feeling the first stirrings of feeling ready for the outside world. And as I start exploring that by walking to a coffee shop or sitting on a bench, I also want to retreat into my shell sometimes too. I have a giant scar that goes from one ear to the other. I don't want to scare people or gross them out or to be noticeable at all, but it's alright. It's a transition. 

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