Reading and writing take a LOT out of my brain. Yesterday I asked Chris to find a coloring book a friend from Muhlenberg sent before the surgery. So I spent a few hours quietly making a picture. Here it is:

Sometimes music is good but often it's too overwhelming. Two days ago I heard some birds singing outside and wanted to hear them better so I found this: 


It's the prettiest background noise to rest my eyes to or even hear while I color. Maybe you'll like it too. Xo


Paul Baron said...

Lovely. When was the last time you had colored a pic like this? I haven't done this in about 2 decades.

Kristin Delaney said...

I'm scrolling back through and this post made me think of: http://www.noisli.com/ if you still find the birds more soothing than music.

I love your coloring pages and your story telling. All awesome.