Every day feels 1000% more doable. Really. I can do more than the day before, I can last longer for activities, I can read more sentences in a row. Last night I slept for 7 hours! And only one bad dream about forgetting Noah in a NYC restaurant. 

I scrolled a teensy bit through FB this morning and saw everyone living life. It made me really happy.

Here are my two latest pictures:

Holy cow those little yellow circles in the blue leaf. They were so hard! I have some blurry vision in my left eye from the surgery (it will get better, just so swollen now) and those circles were like hard SAT questions! 

My friend Bobby recommended listening to classical music and Moonlight Sonata came to mind. I played the violin from 4th-12th grade. For some reason in High School orchestra class I had a couple friends teach me how to play a good chunk of the beginning of Moonlight Sonata (I didn't play piano at all but we did this during the first few minutes of class while we ate snack). I don't know if I'd remember it now if I had a piano here but it is such a pretty song. I listened to it yesterday while I worked on the dragonfly pic.

People talk to me more now on the street. Possibly because of this giant scar? They smile and say hi, they say good morning. Yesterday during my walk I asked a man if I could pet his lab and he said yes. It was the first time I pet a dog since all this happened. She was really nice and her name was April. I walked 3 loops of our parking lot and played music on my phone while I did it (Light Me Up by Bronze Radio Return). It played out loud while I walked (not ready for headphones yet, too much happening in the head area). And it made me laugh because maybe all those guys who annoyingly blast their music on the NYC subway for the whole car to hear? Well maybe they too are recovering from meningiomas.


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Jayne Bingler said...

Hey Jen! I worked with you briefly during my time at T+L in Toronto. I recently found out through friends about what you have been through these past couple of months. I just had to reach out and say Hi! and share my support and love for you and your family. Your blog is so powerful and moving and as a mom of 2 boys, my heart is in my throat thinking about all you have been through. I know that I am not in a physical position to do much for you... like bake you muffins or brush your cat or stuff like that because of living entirely too far away but I am here to emotionally support you and send you as much positive strength vibes as I can muster. Best wishes in your recovery - take baby steps when you can and continue to lean on your peeps when that proves to be too much. Love, Jayne XO