Signs were there

I just opened Evernote to make a note of something and found this list I had been keeping. Man. We just didn't see it.

Title: Headaches 2016
3/28- woke up with headache
at 6am (didn't wake up bc of it)... Took 2 ibuprofen and helped

3/28- 5:55pm headache, stressful past hour of picking kids up and figuring out dinner. Finally took 2 ibuprofen at 8.

3/29- woke up w headache around 7. Stiff neck from Pilates?

3/29- headache at 5:45pm, took 2IBP. Noah sick, not sure what's up w me. A bit of teeth pain maybe (back of mouth?)

3/30- 7pm headache, only thing of note is A was being difficult getting PJs on. Took 2 IBP bc the whole family but me has a bug.

3/31- bad headache all morning, finally took 2IBP around 1pm

4/1- morning pain in teeth, headache related. 2IBP at 11:45am

4/1- bad headache at night, ended up taking 2IBP at 3am. Blood felt heavy in left ear, couldn't remember month and other simple info. Felt pulse in left ear very strongly.

4/2- 5am, noon and 6pm- 2 IBP. Was so nauseous and sick today with what Chris had.

Blurred vision noticed again- esp when I'm reading while laying down

4/3- blurred vision means words moving a bit on the page, I can't read quickly, I blink more often when reading 


Courtney said...

So many others would have popped more Advil and figured parenting two littles and running a business was hard work. While we can all wish it had been found earlier, please don't think you "should" have done any more than you did. Your persistence (documenting these symptoms!) paid off at the perfect time.

Beck said...

Listen, A. collapsed two vertebrae getting out of bed and for like 2 months we were like, wow, that's nuts, what a fluke accident. When I think about it now I know I knew something was up and was just afraid to admit it. It's amazing what you can block out in the interest of maintaining what normalcy you have in your life. And we didn't even learn from that experience - did it again last year and he ended up with a titanium rod in his arm. It's just human nature, and I marvel at how strong it is.