Up and down

This is the pace of the day: do something, then rest. It's no joke. I get wiped from the smallest things. When the boys are home I save all my energy for them. Playing with Aaron for a little bit (and by this I mean handing him toys while sitting quietly) requires an hour of eyes closed in bed to recoop. 

Yesterday I suddenly wanted to watch a Seinfeld. What an experience to rewatch with my brain in this state. It was funnier than ever before but also more obvious that they were acting. It was easier to follow the storyline because I'd seen the episode many times before (Big Salad) but still a little confusing because of how many narratives were converging. I had to rest for hours after Seinfeld. We never watched the last episode of House of Cards before surgery; I cannot imagine how long it will take me to handle it. A year? 

My mom left this morning and new reinforcements arrive later today, my in-laws. Manny was in my head a long time and that was horrible but the war feels like it's post-surgery. We are so tired. We spend it all and then recharge, then do it again. This endless rhythm is so hard. 

Here is what my room looks like from my bed:

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Paul Baron said...

Hi Jen, it's nice to read your news every few days. If you ever run out of people to give you a hand locally, I'll jump in an airplane.