Walking the line

I got a pedicure today with my friend Melissa and it was awesome to talk about our kids and her and not just how I'm doing. For obvious reasons I feel like I'm the focal point much of the time lately and these bright stage lights are too much some days. It was great to feel NORMAL.

I got a book from Brene Brown in the mail today, which broke and exploded my heart simultaneously. SHE IS SO COOL. So overwhelming! My friend Jess had written to tell her about my journey and she sent a signed book. It was MAGIC.

Last night Chris and I got ice cream and drove around for a while. We talked about life and our future and we pointed out pretty houses in Berkeley. It was NORMAL.

The amount of coincidences showing up right now are MAGIC. Too many to list out.

I find myself unable to read the news at all. It is TOO NORMAL. 

Normal and magic. I'm in the middle now. I'm honestly afraid of when everything gets back to normal because the magic moments have been strengthening, have helped me so much. What happens when normal takes over? What about this new self? How does she fit in with normal? That's what I feel nervous about sometimes.

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