When the going gets tough...

... the tough write new goals:

Sometimes I think about how this might be a very depressing blog to read. I'm sorry about it for a few minutes but then I just think, well, maybe I'm the Dave Bazan of blogs. You don't listen to Bazan (who sings about losing his religion) when you're really in the mood for Katy Perry. So pace yourself; if the things you encounter here on this blog are really heavy for you, skip it for a while. For whatever reason, it really helps me to write here almost daily and often I write what I wouldn't post on FB (aka the darker parts of this journey). Anyway, I just felt like I wanted to give you, the reader, that permission slip.

My rest times aren't as long anymore. Lately I can give myself 20 minutes to close my eyes and I have more energy again. I don't set an alarm or anything, I try to guess when 20 minutes have passed and then open my eyes. It's a very energizing little trick and I wonder if this isn't something I could keep doing after we're back to "normal life." Take 20 minutes and rest your eyes, slow your day down and just rest. Try it if you're having a hard hour or day. It might help!

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Erica said...

That's the advantage of a blog, my dear: if people don't want to read it, they just don't visit it! (Remember that blog you showed me when you were living in Paris? With the crazy lady? I wonder whatever happened to her ...)

I'm happy that you feel up to sharing your experiences, and I know that what you're writing now is helping you (and will most likely help other people in the future, when they stumble upon your blog in their Google searches).

Sending you lots of love and good vibes from Lyon!