Pre-parenthood, weekends were the relaxing time of the week. At this stage of parenting (brain tumor aside), they are the most exhausting. Two straight days with two needy-age kids and two wiped parents by the end. Sunday nights are promising because Mondays are daycare days and frankly, the whole team needs a break.

Chris goes back to work tomorrow (3 days a week for a couple weeks, then full time). I'll do morning prep with the kids and then drive them to school... then I'll be alone for 8 hours until I pick them up. 

I need this. Badly.

Do you know how weird it is for a VERY extroverted person to say this? I have been treading water for 6 weeks, handling bits and pieces of alone time here and there. But I haven't had HOURS alone. I teared up just thinking about it earlier and I really couldn't tell you how it's going to go. Will I finally just cry all day? Watch Season 5 of Girls, one after the next? Bake a cake? Nap til 3? Drive to Sacramento and back just for the hell of it?

We need routines in our lives; often they comfort us and allow us more energy because we aren't trying to reinvent the schedule wheel all the time. But if you have been in that hamster wheel of a routine lately (for parenting small people or otherwise), take a personal day one of these days and spend it ALONE and FREE to do whatever the hell you want.

I can't wait.

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Erica said...

Dude, I haven't had a brain tumor and I don't have two needy-age kids ... and I *live* for weekdays when I can "work from home". Like today - I had a meeting in the morning, I picked up lunch on my way home and then ... I pretty much just sat around all afternoon by myself! Even extroverts need alone time.

Enjoy your alone time! You've earned it! I hope you use it in whatever way(s) make you happy!!!